Through Jack's eyes

His eyes, the way they catch you. Transmitting you through a wide spectrum of emotions with one sharp expression. Bringing you into the artist’s inner world, where creation is storming in his vein’s 24/7, you can feel the agony within the process and the satisfaction when the pen is laid back on the table. 
The painted eyes through the eyes of Jack are not like any other, they’re so realistic that u can sometimes think that they are connected to a breathing real body when in real life they are normally the focus point of a non existed/different physicality.


There's no doubt that for the last year Jack TML became one of my favorite street artists. If because of all the things I mentioned earlier and because we are talking about an artist that has a bucket load of talent, modesty and the ability to let us enter his world without really exposing himself.

As I'm his virtual friend on FaceBook I've been exposed to his Notebook, a treasure of pages full of beautiful mixed techniques, unusual perspective, different hybrids of human (bird, hanger, shoe) and drawing movements that combine structure and chaos in the same time.
Ohhh if only I knew to draw like this!





When I asked him about the creation process the way he experienced it he answered: "Hmm, hard. The process is a kind of permanent  wondering, not to be afraid to destroy, not  to be afraid to do new things or ugly things, even if they are on the street. Not once I did a job on the street, I didn't like, scribbled over it and started a new one next to it, Kind of reference to the street as a big sketch book."  Like Jack, for most street artists interaction with the viewers and receiving criticism is an essential part of the working process. No doubt, it is very difficult to ignore Jack's characters when meeting them in the street, specially because part of them looks like different versions of self-portrait.

Jack comes from a small community in northern Israel, he began to engage in street art 7 years ago. Last year he moved to Jerusalem and began to "bomb" Jerusalem's street. In recent years, Jack TML is trying to understand how what started as a self-seeking of a stupid child, became his main occupation, and without doubt, what he wants to do later in life! I'm just waiting to see where else he will take our mind to travel.

Last August was the first solo exhibition of Jack "Jack and the meaningless show". Jack described the characters in the exhibition as: "contactless, lost, floating in space, looking out into the world. They have nothing to say or how to react to what they see. They are static - they are only drawings, they can't change anything! The characters are on the border between comic and tragic, some are in ridiculous situations but they all refer to themselves dead  seriously,as our meaningless engagement in reality".


According to Jack, his name, like the exhibition title, is meaningless, random and just the name he signs on his work for the last 7 years. He can never feel connected to this 
signature. This way he keeps himself as a third party - takes little responsibility for the work, without the ability to "protect the work" or "speak for it". I think that his works speaks for themselves anyway, and can be interpreted in various ways. the meaningless name can't change the fact that the moment new creation come to life is meaning-full! 

Jack TML
*Pics by Jack TML
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