Xmas in London and Vintage-Mania

Did you ever wonder how life would be without internet? So I had a great opportunity to check it out for the last month and I can defiantly say it's not an "Opportunity to disconnect from everything", especially when you need to search for a new job, talk on Skype with your family from overseas or just not to feel alone in a strange city!
Although in my two months in London city I have already realized a few things:
1. Household utilities (Internet ,TV etc.) need to be booked a month ahead at least – everything is super formal!
2. Never try argue with customer service on the phone – they will just shut down.
3.On the tube just go with the flow otherwise you will be trampled or crushed.
4. The answer for the question "To take a coat?" is always yes! – No, it will not get warmer.
5. A part of a good British night out includes getting drunk and running around naked.
6. Last but not least – They are very serious about their Christmas. Here is some evidence:

Over the top Xmas decoration on Oxford Street
Every year Winter Wonderland is built in Hyde Park. For someone coming from outside of London this is quite something! It's a huge amusement park that is all about Christmas and…German sausages. 


We moved to London due to my partner's relocation from his work, which means he landed strait into a dream job on Baker Street while I found myself with the stressful question "what am I going to do?" Hmmm… good question!
Unfortunately I don't have a good answer for this right now and I promise to have one pretty soon. In the meantime what can a woman do when she's in London without a job and has an empty apartment to fill? (Rhetorical question).
Of course the answer is- Endless wondering with a mission to find non practical home accessories!

And this is how I found myself walking in the magical streets of
Camden market, Portobello market and Colombia Road, a thing that led slowly to a major vintage-mania!

My new notebook
beautiful fabrics

The Fab stores and flower market of Colombia Road in east side, a perfect combination of street Art, colors and a range of special design stores. I have to say that the lovely flower sellers that have been there forever add so much to the atmosphere with their shouting and British humor.


It's not a secret that vintage and retro trends have taken control over our surroundings for the last few years. It seems like everybody is looking to nestle over the naïve and joyful past and dive into a palette of pastel colors, shabby chick furniture, tin boxes from the 50's and every garment that contains sequins! Although I'm satisfied just staring at my £1 Babushka print >

An old box that fits wonderfully with my cards from "PUAA" (Flea market, Jaffa Israel):

In the pics: Dotted toaster, Retro scale, Kirstie Allsopp cupcake stand and a small Piggy bank for all the useless coins >>>

All the tours in London's streets and museums filled me with a strong need to create. When I came home the first thing I did was to create a new inspiration wall over my working desk. I have great expectations from it!


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  1. אנונימי20.12.2011, 9:55

    found you through Shira T!! Great finds in London...:)

  2. Thank u! love your pics (:

  3. We've long been inspired by urban art and have finally created a collection that pays homage to this secret addiction of ours!



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