Waterloo Graffiti break

Since I moved to London every weekend feels like it's a vacation in London (without the fuss of the flight, hotel or shopping).
So, during the last weekend we decided to walk around South Bank area and enjoy the views of the Thames and the bridges. We walked along to the book market and bumped into one of the most colorful locations in South Bank, the Skate Park

Located in the undercroft of the Queen Elizabeth Hall this space was adopted by skaters in the early 70's. The location is well known for its always changing walls. The walls are covered with layers of graffiti art and from time to time different artists come and claime ownership on parts of this space.
Besides the fact that it's exciting to come and watch the changes and look for new pieces, every day skaters and bike riders are controlling the space by performing extreme moves on the ramps. So you get a great package of kick ass graffiti and action! The best touristic break!

During my photographing session I noticed work by DON, mainly portraits of Liam Gallagher, John Lenon and even Coldplay got a nice piece >>> 


You can access the Skaters Park by arriving from Waterloo tube station and walking towards the Thames - its really hard to miss it during the day.


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