Selfridges - Bright Young Windows.

In London, Finding a brilliant coffee takes time, To bump into someone who smiles at you on the tube is rare and if it happens then something is wrong (at least from my experience), to find Shawarma like in Israel is impossible. But, if there's something that Londoners know how to do and know it well, it's amazing window dressing!
The importance attributed, in London city center, to shops appearance is Incomprehensive for someone arriving from a city that still uses a yellow plastic sunscreen to protect their displayed items. Here it's all about the presentation and if you can turn it into a young contemporary venture that support new creators, that’s even better!
This is exactly what Selfridges (huge department store well known for its up to date and creative window dressing) has done!
This year  the guy's in Selfridges decided to bring back a project that was a great success last year – 'Bright Young Things'. In this project a group of fifteen UK-based emerging talents has been hand-picked and adopted by Selfridges from the worlds of fashion, art, design and food. What this means is as well as selling their collections in the online store, each 'Bright Young Thing' has created their very own window masterpiece, which is exposed to millions of people who walk by the store on Oxford Street. This is also an amazing PR dream come true for every young new talent.

I think this is a great project due to the fact it serves well both sides. The creators enjoy the abovementioned and Selfridges enjoy the unique and original window dressing, great content for PR, showcasing innovation and support of creativity and in general this just makes them look exceptionally well.

Few of the windows designed by the next '
Bright Young Things' >>>

Alex Mattsson – menswear designer
Alice Lee – womenswear designer

T.lipop – menswear and accessories designer
Jack Coleman – coffee roaster

Maarten van der Horst – womenswear designer
Archie McLeish – graphic illustrator and product designer
Nuha Razik – photographer. I loved the use of light & dark!
Sorcha O’Raghallaigh – womenswear designer and illustrator
Tinker & Tailor – artists and interior designers

further more, Selfridges lunch another cool concept and  transformed  the Ultralounge into a library!
The creative group 'It's nice that' had the honor to design a concept center window that is all about words!

The outcome is the amazing 'word-a-coaster' - an complicated wood structure that allows the customers to pick a plastic ball with a word inside (theirs 3000 balls) >>>



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