Olympic Street Art

The Olympics are here and it looks like it is not just the police and the public transportation that are ready for the games but also London's walls!  

Variety of street artists such as CodeFC, JimmyC and even Banksy already made their mark on London's wall and it seems not everyone is as excited about the Games as the British government.

I tried to gather for you guys all the best Olympic street art and graffiti I could find and this is what I came up with, let the games begin!

Teddy Baden - "Going for Gold"

via Street Art London


Unknown Artists

Image:  The Puzzler
JimmyC - Portrait of Usain Bolt on Brick Lane

Mau Mau - It's all about the money...

BanksyThose two new artworks were made as a protest against the banning of street artists from Olympic events and arrests of some graffiti artists.

Photos via  Banksy

 - 4.D.Art -

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