Mademoiselle Maurice's colourful creations

Mademoiselle Maurice is a 28 years old french artist based in Paris who devoted herself entirely to colourful creations outdoor and indoor.
What interesting about this mademoiselle is that she is using different unique mediums on the street such as colourful origami, lace, embroidery and ribbons. Her most popular work is the rainbow origami street installations that are temporary as the naive idea that they represent. It's amazing to think how much work she put in each installation without knowing how long it will last. According to her the goal is to "highlights the interactions between humans and their environment to highlight and resonate the Human / Nature link"

Her origami work:
The star represent the star in the Vietnamese flag and the artist described it as an attempt to represent the people of Vietnam, their Independence and bravery.

.Lace in the urban steet, Paris

Urban installations made from colourful ribbons

Two of her studio work - Expression
Painting + stitching

 Piece by piece.  Watch her in action >>>

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Pictures via Mademoiselle Maurice

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