'Baroque The Streets' Exhibition - Part 1

Last Sunday I took my 2 favourite things, my husband and my little Cannon G11, and went to "Baroque The Streets" exhibition - an amazing Street Art Festival in Dulwich organised by the great guys of Street Art London (that are really doing incredible job at promoting street artists in London). 

As part of the Festival they took over a large house in Dulwich. The house is soon to be demolished so they got permission to allow street artists go manic. The house was a 'walk in' urban exhibition for one weekend only (17-19.5). 

So, what happens when you let the best street artists around conquer a house? 
Take a look >>>

On the entrance - the all mighty Israeli crew -  BROKEN FINGAZ (I wrote of them in the past here).
Front of da house

//Thierry Noir - France//
Simple, vibrant and genius. He also signed his prints that were sold at the exhibition.

//Mad C - Denmark//
He really took over the room and there was not spot on the wall that wasn't left alone. Using great colour scheme and his famous geometric lines.

//Christiaan Nagel - South Africa/London//

This guy made foam mushrooms his trade mark. If you l
ook carefully you will notice them in random places around London (where he's based).
"Mushrooms are a metaphor for the idea. Ideas are original thoughts. There is an element of randomness in any idea, that part we don't have a choice in. Just like wild mushrooms, ideas 'pop-up'."

Chritiaan Nagel and his shrooms (love the shirt) >>>
//Malarki - Spain//
Colourful as usual, Malarki created several pieces around the house, 2 of them are similar to pieces he did in Shoreditch. 

//Descreet - Australia//
It's all about owls, colourful manic owls!

//ROA- Belgium//
Brilliant as usual, ROA created this amazing, full of detail piece - Love it!

Decoration ideas for your bathroom >>>


//Pablo Delgado - Mexico//

Part 2, coming very soon... 


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