Dale Grimshaw: Bringing Africa to London's streets

In my last tour of East London I came across 3 stunning pieces by Dale Grimshaw. The colours, images and the perfect mix technique left me speechless. Grimshaw is well known for his black and white past-ups and he proves again and again why he is one of UK's most talented street artists. These beautiful African images are so intense, it feels as if the image stares right at you, the eyes follow you and it does not matter from what angle you looking. 
If you are visiting east London you have to look for them - truly a work of art!

When I arrived in Israel I went to see the 7th Floor Graffiti & Street Art Exhibition at Tel Aviv's central bus station and saw 2 of Dale's famous paste-ups. 
I hope that like My dog sighs one day Dale will come to TLV for a solo exhibition :)

For more of his work go to his website or FB page

- 4.D.Art -

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